abss Premier V23.9

abss Premier V23.9

abss Premier V23.9


ABSS Premier為中小企提供高級庫存和業務管理功能。 處理外幣交易,稅務申報並準確分析您的業務。 您可以使用多用戶ABSS Premier輕鬆管理最複雜的業務。

ABSS Premier provides advanced inventory, and business management capabilities to small to medium-sized companies. Process foreign currency transactions , tax submissions and analyse your business accurately. You can manage even the most complex business with ease using the multi-user ABSS Premier.



System Requirements:

Win10PRO or above. I3CPU, 8GB System Memory, 100GB SSD storage.


    1. Perpetual License.
  1. Onsite software installation service (not include accounts and master files setup).
  2. First month HK office hours telephone, email, and remote support on standard features.
  3. One seat Getting Started training (2 hours) at United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd. Quarry Bay office.
  4. Optional United abss with ADDOn Club Annual Maintenance.
  5. All services and support by United Technologies (Int’l) Ltd., abss official technical service provider in HK and Macau territories, subject to SUNSET policies.

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